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DRUMBA is an exercise format that combines regular or weighted drum sticks with lower body dance steps to create a fast paced intense cardio workout for the upper and lower body that is fun!


Because it can be done seated or standing, it makes for a great cardiovascular workout for all ages and physical abilities.


Drumba Fitness has welcoming and inviting atmosphere that offers accountability, motivation, and community. Drumba is a whole-body mind/body workout for all fitness levels.  We also offer Personal Training packages that include a consultation  & assessment.  Members love to work on mobility, strength, endurance.



Dina Scott, Founder
Drumba Fitness


Dina is a certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Life Coach and Nutritionist, born and raised in Los Angeles. Fitness has always been a part of her life, growing up in a household where her parents worked out every day. Her father was a dentist so, at a very early age, she was made aware of the importance of “You are what you eat”. That was the beginning of her interest in the fitness industry.  Her positive experiences participating in personal and group fitness classes led her to pursuing her passion.



She loves challenging people to change physically and mentally and believes exercise needs to be fun and different.  Whether she's working one-on-one or with a group, she likes motivating people with her high energy personality and no nonsense approach to physical education and training. 


She enjoys working with people and offers workouts for all ages and abilities. Dina mixes her own music CDs and choreographs all her routines, while offering effective exercise programs designed to meet the needs of each participant. She also offers assistance through individual nutrition plans (her own Jump Start menu), as well as addressing specific problems (i.e. injuries, obesity, etc.) With her background, she is able to enhance the quality of life for her clients and offer a variety of programs to help them reach their maximum potential.



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Drumba Fitness Demo..Seated -Standing -One Hand -they loved it and Everyone was 78-100yrs young--Move it or Lose it .DRUMBA IS FOR EVERYONE 

Latin Dance Powered By Drumba Fitness Too!

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