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Want to know what people think of DRUMBA? Read what our people are saying! Then "Get Your Stick On!" and try it yourself! You'll be glad you did. 

Cue the James Brown imitation.  “I feel good…You knew that I would…”

Seriously.  I feel really great! Ask me why.

Okay, don’t ask. I’m going to tell you anyway.

I’ve found my “happy place.”  I found something that I am really enjoying and I’m happier than I’ve been in a really long time.

I’m taking Drumba classes. Drumba is a cardio drumming class that combines dance with drumming. The instructor and all the people there are wonderful! I haven’t had this much fun in…well, it’s been a while.  A LONG while!

I found this group through a mention on a local groupon page.  I emailed the studio directly and got an immediate response from the owner. She told me to come in and try a class, which I did. I actually showed up on a Latin Dance class night, but she took time from getting ready to lead that class to come over and talk to the weird person who was standing in her waiting area about classes.  I liked the energy from the room that evening and promised I’d be back the next night.  I did go back. Not only did I go back on that next night, but I went on the following Saturday. I signed up after that Saturday and have been attending since then.

That was in September. We are now in late October and I’m making at least two classes a week. I went to a weights class on Thursday night as an addition to my normal Wednesday/Saturday classes. I was sore after that class on Thursday but it was a good sore. I’m planning on going again. I told my husband and son that they need to go to this class (the weights class) with me.

Something “clicked” for me, I think.  I’m noticing that I am pivoting on the ball of my feet when we’re moving from one ball to another in class. My martial arts instructors tried for years to get me to pivot on the ball of my foot when turning toward something that was to my left or right  I’ve started pivoting in class during the shift from home to the right or left.  That was a surprise to me. I didn’t expect to find myself moving like that.  It’s pretty cool.

The only thing I haven’t done since I started this Drumba journey is to measure myself. I was told that I appear to have more energy.  I just have to tweak a few more things and I might actually be a healthier person by the end of the year.

"DRUMBA is absolutely the best format for everyone at every age and every physical condition. By changing the routine, Dina makes you pay attention and keeps your brain working. It's also great for emotional support. How many times would be like to scream and hit something? With Drumba you can do that. I personally have lost over 30 lbs and gained a million in esteem working with Dina and her program. It is always different and sooooo much fun.

Having a serious back injury, I never thought I would be able to do what I do at Drumba. It has far surpassed my expectations. The laughing, I think, is more of a workout. Dina always, always keeps us laughing, challenging in physical ability, mental ability. The word "can't" isn't allowed. Yes you can is always put forth.

When I am in class, I feel like 20, but I'm far from it. It's extremely stimulating in mind, soul and body. Thank you Dina for introducing me to Drumba. There is nothing is like this type of workout. My blood pressure is down, weight down, heart rate, more than perfect. I don't know any other format this would happen with. My docs are so happy that I can do this and happy that I will continue doing it!"
- Carol Reit 


One of the best benefits of Drumba undoubtely is a great workout mentally helps to better coordination and prevent Alhzaimer & Parkinson and is a great stressing ( great music ) and physically prevent cardiovascular disease, helps lose weight, one of the best and most complete workout is for all ages,in one word is "DRUMBA."

Rocio Castorena Maguregui

"Drumba!! I cannot get enough. I love the workout so much that I became an instructor so that I could spread the joy of Drumba to other people. This exercise is made for any fitness level and any age. My son loves doing the class also. What a fun class for kids!! Come try a class. You get to work both upper and lower body while having fun at the same time. See -you in class!!!!
Morena Minnier 

"Dina - Love, love your classes! You are an awesome instructor. I have been in fitness programs for MANY years, and you are one of the best! Cardio Druming, Zumba - so much fun! You keep us motivated and looking forward to the next time! I am a senior fitness instructor, and I know how important it is to stay active (I'm 66). You have to enjoy the class to keep returning, and you make that happen! Whether you are 20 or 66 +++, your class is a great fit!
- Ann Cox 

"What I love about Drumba is that it is a whole body exercise routine, which includes keeping your mind sharp. So often you hear people say that they don't exercise because it is boring or that that they don't have time. Drumba incorporates all the elements of a good workout into 50 fun packed minutes--fastest 50 minutes in my whole day. I will turn 65 in November and have been in classes with others from 8 to 80+. I would highly recommend Drumba to anyone at any age!"
- Angela Thiele

"I'm 67 years young ,and my experience with Drumba is life changing! It is a total body & mind workout. Unlike other aerobic exercises, there is no stress on the knees. It's a workout that requires you to think, concentrate on the task and still enjoy the experience. I'm so excited about this class that I try to fit it in as many times as I can during the week. I have built strength & stamina that I never had. I go to class with the stress of the day or life and leave out energized and renewed. I tell people you must experience it for yourself and once you do you'll never go back to thinking I must exercise. Instead you will feel I've got to go to Drumba. What a way to live! I've always been into dance & exercise but this experience surpasses my entire life experience. I truly feel 67 years young."
- Ira Carol McGill 

I am a Drumba addict!! I have been taking Drumba classes for a year, taking a class six days a week. I am 60 years old & have never stuck to an excersize routine for longer than a couple months. I am losing weight, my core strength has greatly improved, my arms now have visable muscles, my balance has improved and my hand eye coordination is amazing. These classes keep my mind and body moving. Classes are such a blast!!
- Sharon Cromwell 

"I saw a promo about this class on one of the local news stations and figured I'd give it a try. I'm in a wheelchair and needed a workout that would work well after my back surgery and wasn't boring. DRUMBA is far from boring, while Dina & the other attendees make it fun! I've been going about a month now, have a great time and am totally energized about exercising again! The workouts are all inclusive & the lower body workouts are easily modified to fit my needs. The Saturday class (a combo Zumba/Drumba class) even works for me, and I always leave sore but with a smile. Not sure about it? Come to one of the classes & try for yourself. You'll be glad you did. I AM!"
- Cheryl Schwitzgebel

"Just took my first Drumba class at the McKinney Senior Center. It was so much fun. I spent most of the class laughing out loud! The hour seemed like 10 or 15 minutes to me. Can't wait for the next one!"
- Jan Ball 

" DRUMBA and Dina Scott helped save my life! After 30 years of no regular exercise, I was morbidly obese, stiff, tired and sick. In January 2015, I decided to enroll at my senior center for a beginner class in another exercise class format [not Drumba]. I found that class boring and tedious. After speaking with a girlfriend, she told me about DRUMBA. In Feb 2015, I took my first DRUMBA fitness class. The moment the DRUMBA class started, I knew I had found something SPECIAL! DRUMBA was FUN! I could do it! The aerobic movements did not seem like exercise ... I was ENJOYING working out! The music was great! I looked FORWARD to going to class! I still do! After three months, I'd lost 30 pounds and my A1C had dropped 2.3 points!

In May 2015, I was diagnosed with a life threatening disease that necessitated major surgery. My doctors told me that I was able to survive this major surgery (and recover quickly) due to my body being STRONG from DRUMBA! After surgery, my doctor released me back to exercise quicker - because with DRUMBA you can sit in a chair or stand. At first, I sat in a chair, until cleared by my doctors to stand and move. 
I love DRUMBA! I have found that my body is stronger, more agile, more energetic. I feel & look YOUNGER than I have in years! My mind is sharper too! My stress is reduced! My immunity is better! I am happier, much more active and I am enjoying my life more than I have in decades! My A1C is now 5.7. I am OFF two types of Insulin! I remain on my health journey and DRUMBA is KEY to this!
Everywhere I go, I share about the health benefits of DRUMBA. DRUMBA is versatile. Both young and old can enjoy it. Families can do this together. People in wheelchairs can DRUMBA. I believe in DRUMBA ... it WORKS!
I am forever grateful to Dina Scott."

- Barbara G.

"LIFECHANGING! Down 40 lbs! No pills, no special drinks, no special foods. In drumming, I burn almost twice as many calories than in other cardio classes, and the effect lasts much longer as well. Such fun! Keeps me coming back for more. Thanks for all your help and all that you do. You have been such a blessing in my life!"
- Carol Kennedy 

"I absolutely love  Drumba with Dina!!!! Such a great motivator. She'll get you dancing, moving and before you know it, dripping sweat. Ms. Dina makes me laugh and enjoy my workout by making working out fun.  I've lost 🏾77 lbs down and still going. Thank you for being so welcoming and pushing me to "suck that tummy in!" ️ ️ ️ ️

- Marisa Young 

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