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One 25min. Personal Training Session

One 25min. Personal Training Session


Single 23 minute session to reach your fitness goals whether it is to decrease weight, increase balance, gain strength, stamina, or rehab an injury, .  I have a no nonsense approach and attitude to physical education and training. I motivate people with my high energy personality. I love the challenge of helping people change physically and mentally. I want to work with people who believe in proper form and wellness. I design workouts, diet plans with my own Jump Start Menu and other training aids, as well as focus on specific problems (i.e. injuries, obesity, etc.) for various individuals and couples.  Contact us for an appt. today! 214-683-1346


Cancellations/Reschedules must be made at least 12 hours before session or you will be charged for the session.


Check us out for FREE!!!  All equipment provided.  We just need YOU!!!​
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